Philosophy of Mathematics Seminar


The Philosophy of Mathematics seminar covers topics beyond the philosophy of mathematics and logic, including applications of formal methods in philosophy more generally. Speakers come from different disciplines, such as philosophy, computer science, and mathematics. The content of the talks vary from highly technical to purely informal.

All are welcome to attend the seminar. Graduate and undergraduate students from all subject areas are especially welcome. It is perfectly acceptable to attend only selected talks. 

The following meetings of the Philosophy of Mathematics Seminar will take place in Hilary Term 2024 online via Zoom on Mondays 4.30-6.30 pm in weeks 2, 4, 6, and 8, and also in person in weeks 2 and 4 in the Ryle Room of the Radcliffe Humanities Building. 

If you’re not on the circulation list for announcements and would like to attend, write to Daniel Isaacson.

Philosophy of Mathematics Seminar Convenors: James Studd, Christopher Scambler and Daniel Isaacson | Philosophy of Mathematics website

Past Terms

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Week 2 (3 May)

Sorin Bangu (Bergen)

Two dualisms in later Wittgenstein's writings on mathematics

Week 4 (17 May)

Charles Parsons (Harvard)

Evidence and the hierarchy of mathematical theories

Week 6 (31 May)

Andrea Reichenberger (Paderborn)

Rózsa Péter on the philosophy and foundations of mathematics

Week 8 (14 June)

Andrea Cantini (Florence)

Reflecting and unfolding


Week 2 (25th Jan)

David Corfield (Kent) 

''Modal Homotopy Type Theory''  
Week 4 (8th Feb)

Mate Szabo (Oxford)

''Max Newman's Influence on Turing's Early Work''  
Week 6 (22nd Feb)

Peter Koellner (Harvard) 

''Two Futures: Pattern or Chaos''  
Week 8 (8th March)

Giovanna Corsi (Bologna)

''From Kripke to Lewis and beyond: A foundational study of quantified modal logic''  


Week 2 (19th Oct)

Patricia Blanchette (Notre Dame) 

"Frege on Caesar and Hume's Principle"
Week 4 (2nd Nov)

Rebecca Morris

"Intellectual virtues in mathematics"
Week 6 (16th Nov)

Stephen Yablo (MIT)

"How and why to be logically non-omniscient"
Week 8 (30th Nov)

Neil Barton (Konstanz)

"Algebraic levels and incomplete structures" 


Week 2 (27th January)                    

Tim Button (UCL)

Loving the Universe

Week 4 (10th February)                               

Martin Fischer (Munich)

Predicativity, Potentiality and Partiality

Week 6 (24th February)     

Peter Fritz (Australian Catholic University Melbourne)


Why Intensionalism?

Week 8 (9th March)           

Hanoch Ben-Yami (Central European University): The Quantified Argument Calculus

Introduction, Overview, and Future Directions                                        


Week 1 (14th October)

Albert Visser (Utrecht) 

What is a Provability Predicate?

Week 3 (28th October)

Sam Roberts (Oslo) 

Ultimate V

Week 5 (11th November)

Daniel Isaacson (Oxford) 

Kreisel’s Philosophy of Mathematics

Week 7 (25th November)

Timothy Williamson (Oxford)

Impossible Worlds and Semantic Compositionality


Week 1 (14th January)

Michal Godziszewski (Warsaw) 'Local disquotation, semantic non-conservativity of truth, and models of set theory'
Week 1 (17th January) John Baldwin (Illinois)  'Philosophical implications of the paradigm shift in model theory'
Week 3 (28th January Menachem Magidor (Hebrew University)  'Independence in mathematics: is it relevant?'
Week 5 (11th February) Mateusz Łełyk (Warsaw)  'Many ways of saying that axioms of PA are true'
Week 6 Marcus Giaquinto  (UCL) 'A priori and a posteriori in mathematics'
Week 4 (29th Oct) Joel Hamkins (Oxford) "On Set-Theoretical Mereology as a Foundation of Mathematics"
Week 6 (12 Nov) Laura Crosilla (Birmingham) "Predicativity, Indefinite Extensibility and the Natural Numbers"
Week 7 (19 Nov) James Ladyman (Bristol)  "The Philosophical Logic of Homotopy Theory"
Week 8 (26 Nov)  Alex Paseau (Oxford) "Which Cardinality Quantifiers are Logical"