Regular Lectures

Lectures and classes in Hilary Term 2023 will be delivered in-person.  Recordings will not be released as a default, and students should be sure to attend in person, and should not assume that a recording will be released for the relevant lectures.   Canvas will continue to hold materials pertinent to lectures and classes as prepared by individual lecturers, such as handouts, slides and reading lists.  Relevant student cohorts will be given access to the Canvas sites, variously those for graduate classes, for FHS lectures, and for Mods/Prelims lectures.  We regret that it will be, for the time being, necessary to restrict access to online Philosophy material to Oxford students enrolled on a Philosophy course during this time, and to Oxford students with a curricular or research interest in philosophy.


Lecture List HT23

Lecture Prospectus HT23

Lecture Scheme 2022-23