About the Faculty

Philosophy at Oxford

Oxford is one of the world's great centres for philosophy. There are over 50 full-time permanent members of the Faculty of Philosophy, each with a college Fellowship, together with a still larger number of associate members, between them covering a vast range of subjects within philosophy.

Many are international leaders in their fields. The Faculty of Philosophy is one of the largest departments of philosophy in the world, and is widely recognized to be amongst the best.

The Faculty’s reputation draws many distinguished visiting philosophers each year from around the world to give lectures or seminars. Almost every major philosopher speaks in Oxford at some time.

Each year, more than five hundred undergraduates are admitted to study philosophy in Oxford, always in combination with another subject. The Faculty also has more than a hundred graduate students, who are either taking a taught graduate degree or working for a doctorate.

Oxford is a collegiate university, and every registered student becomes a member of one of the colleges. In this way, he or she has access, not only to the very extensive libraries and facilities of the University, but also to the varied and more intimate life of a college. Colleges offer their students excellent libraries and facilities of their own.

Teaching at Oxford is by lectures and classes, and by tutorials or supervisions. Courses of lectures and classes are offered on a very large range of topics, for both undergraduates and graduates. Tutorials are a special feature of Oxford; undergraduates receive regular and frequent tutorials either individually or in pairs from members of the Faculty. All graduate students also receive frequent individual supervisions.

Oxford University dates from the 12th century or before, with the first colleges founded in the 13th century. The ancient buildings remain, mingled with magnificent architecture from subsequent centuries, to make Oxford one of the most inspiring and beautiful cities in the world in which to study.

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