Terence Irwin

Terry Irwin



Princeton University; PhD

1971-2  Harvard University; Loeb Fellow in Classical Philosophy
1969 Wilde Prize in Philosophy (divided)
1969 Literae Humaniores (Class I)
1969 Arnold Historical Essay Prize
1967 Honour Moderations in Classics (Class I)
1965-9 University of Oxford; MA. [Magdalen College, Junior Demy



January 2019- Stanford University, Visiting Professor
2017 Emeritus
2007-17 University of Oxford: Professor of Ancient Philosophy, and Fellow of Keble College
2008 Professor Emeritus
1995 Susan Linn Sage Professor of Philosophy and Humane Letters
1994 Professor of Classics
1982 Professor of Philosophy
1975 Cornell University: Associate Professor of Philosophy
1972-5 Harvard University: Assistant Professor of Philosophy and Classics

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Aristotle’s Ethical Works (commentary on Magna Moralia, Eudemian Ethics, and Nicomachean Ethics, with essays)



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