Lindsay Judson

Lindsay Judson
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2020 Professor of Ancient Philosophy
1987 Associate Professor of Philosophy and Official Student, Christ Church
1986 DPhil
1981 MA



Aristotle: Metaphysics Λ: A Translation and Commentary (Clarendon Aristotle Series, Oxford University Press, 2019)


Articles and Book chapters

‘Aristotle and Crossing the Boundaries between the Sciences’, Archiv für Geschichte der Philosophie 101 (2019), 177-204

‘First Philosophy in Metaphysics Λ’, Oxford Studies in Ancient Philosophy 54 (2018), 227-77

‘Physics I.5’, in Diana Quarantotto (ed.), Aristotle’s Physics I: A Systematic Exploration (Cambridge University Press, 2018), 130-53

‘Hypotheses in Plato’s Meno’, Philosophical Inquiry 41 (2017), 29-39
‘Aristotle, Metaphysics Theta 8 1050b6-28’, Phronesis 61 (2016), 142-59
‘Aristotle’s Astrophysics’, Oxford Studies in Ancient Philosophy 49 (2015), 151-92
Ancient Philosophy: I work principally on Aristotle’s natural philosophy and metaphysics, and on Plato.


I lecture on Plato, and give doctoral and master's supervisions in Plato and Aristotle. At Christ Church I give undergraduate tutorials on Ancient Philosophy, Early Modern Philosophy, and Ethics.