Jeremy David Fix

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2016 PhD, Harvard University
2008 MA, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee
2006 AB, Colgate University


Forth. ‘The Morality in Intimacy’, in Uriah Kriegel (eds), Oxford Studies in Philosophy of Mind, Oxford University Press.

Forth. ‘The Rational Faculty of Desire’, with T. A. Pendlebury, in Carla Bagnoli and Stefano Bacin (eds.), Agency, Reason, Ethics, Oxford University Press.

2023 ‘Grounds of Goodness’, Journal of Philosophy 120 (7), 368-91.

2022 ‘Practical Cognition as Volition’, European Journal of Philosophy 30 (3), 1077-91.

2022 ‘The Unity of Normative Thought’, Philosophy and Phenomenological Research 104 (3), 639-58.

2021 ‘Two Sorts of Constitutivism’, Analytic Philosophy 62 (1), 1-20.

2020 ‘The Instrumental Rule’, Journal of the American Philosophical Association 6 (4), 444-62.

2020 ‘The Error Condition’, Canadian Journal of Philosophy 50 (1), 34-48.

2018 ‘Intellectual Isolation’, Mind 127 (506), 491-520.

Practical Philosophy (Ethics and Metaethics, Agency and Action), Kant's Practical Philosophy
I offer General Philosophy and Moral Philosophy to 1st years at Keble College, I regularly offer 103 Ethics, 112 Kant, and 128 Practical Ethics for students in the final honours school, and I occasionally offer other papers for students at Keble when my schedule permits. At the graduate level, I organize the Moral Philosophy Seminar, a colloquium series which meets fortnightly throughout term, and I offer the occasional graduate seminar in my areas of research interests.