Post-Kantian European Philosophy Seminar (Week 6, HT18)

Post-Kantian Seminar

Immanuel Kant

Speaker:  Casey Doyle (St Hilda's College)

Title: 'Self-Consciousness in Judgment'


Inspired by some comments by Heidegger in The Basic Problems of Phenomenology, this paper addresses two related questions about self-knowledge. First, how is psychological self-knowledge achieved in ordinary life? Second, can we give an answer to this first question without appealing to a primitive notion of self-consciousness? In answering the first question, the paper considers the suggestion that conscious judgment might play an important role in self-knowledge of attitudes like belief. After objecting to some common ways of interpreting this suggestion, it offers a sketch of the phenomenology of judgment in the service of an alternative. With this sketch in place, it raises worries about answering “yes” to the second question.


Convenors: Dr Joseph Schear, Dr Manuel Dries, and Prof Mark Wrathall

Webpage: Post-Kantian European Philosophy