Umut Baysan

umut baysan
I am a Departmental Lecturer in Philosophy at the Faculty of Philosophy and St Anne's College, University of Oxford. I have held this position since 2017, though my position was linked to Merton College between 2019 and 2022. Previously, I worked as a University Teacher and a Postdoctoral Researcher in Philosophy at the University of Glasgow (2014-2017). My PhD is also from the University of Glasgow (2015). Before that I studied Philosophy (2008) and Cognitive Science (2011) at Middle East Technical University.


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“Realization Relations in Metaphysics”, Minds and Machines, 2015. See for a more comprehensive list including book reviews and other publications.


I specialise in philosophy of mind, metaphysics, and (a bit of) philosophy of science, working mostly in various intersections of these three areas (particularly inter-level metaphysics, the metaphysics of emergence, the mental causation debate with a focus on epiphenomenalism). I have broader research interests in meta-ethics (naturalism/non-naturalism), practical ethics (matters related to social justice), epistemology (epistemic justification), philosophy of cognitive science (group cognition), and social ontology (metaphysics of race).

Undergraduate: I teach tutorials in General Philosophy (1st year), Moral Philosophy (1st year), (102) Knowledge & Reality, (103) Ethics, (104) Philosophy of Mind, (125) Philosophy of Cognitive Science, and (128) Practical Ethics, and supervise undergraduate dissertations in these areas. For the Faculty of Philosophy, I have been giving the Practical Ethics lectures (since 2019) and previously taught the Philosophy of Mind lecture series I & II (2017-2019). Graduate: For the Faculty of Philosophy during the 2022-2023 academic year, I will teach Graduate Classes in Ethics (topic TBC). Previously, I taught Graduate Classes on Emergence (2019). I also teach tutorials for MPhil in Philosophical Theology (for the modules Philosophy of Mind & Action and Metaphysics & Epistemology), provide supervisions for BPhil in Philosophy, and have acted as 2nd supervisor for DPhil in Philosophy. (See also: for more details.)