Marco Grossi

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Area of Specialisation:

2013-16 Laurea Triennale, San Raffaele, Milan (Philosophy)

2016-18 MPhil in Philosophy, St Andrews

2019-22 DPhil Oxon, Philosophy, New College

2021-current Stipendiary Lecturer in Philosophy, New College (Oxford)

2022-23 Stipendiary Lecturer in Philosophy, St Catherine’s College (Oxford)

2023-current Departmental Lecturer in Logic, Faculty of Philosophy (Oxford)

Recent Publications:

Quantification in an interpretational theory of validity. Synthese 202, 82 (2023)

Substitutional Validity for Modal Logic (forthcoming) Notre Dame Journal of Formal Logic.


My research is currently focused on logical validity and its relation to axiomatic theories of truth, higher-order logic, and issues of generality.


As Departmental Lecturer, I am a tutor for all Logic-related paper to undergraduates. I also teach other Prelims and Finals papers, including General Philosophy, Knowledge & Reality, Philosophy of Logic and Language, and Early Modern Philosophy.