Harry Alanen

Harry Alanen

I am a DPhil candidate in Philosophy in my last year. My dissertation is on Aristotle's philosophy of action, and it is supervised by Prof. Ursula Coope. More specifically my thesis is on Aristotle's ontology of change and action, agency and patiency, the causation and explanation of action, and Aristotle's account of self-movers. For a more in-depth overview of my dissertation and future research interests please see the research section of my personal home page.

During my time on the DPhil I initiated and co-organized the "Mind, Nature, and Morality"-conference at the University of Helsinki, many of the presentations there will be published in Martina Reuter's & Frans Svensson's (eds.) forthcoming Mind, Body, And Morality : New Perspectives on Descartes and Spinoza (Routledge), which I also worked on as an assistant to the editors. I also was one of the organizers of the 19th Oxford Graduate Conference in Philosophy, and I've helped organize regular faculty seminars like the Ockham Society, DPhil Seminar, and the Jowett Society.

During January to April 2017 I was a Visiting Assistant in Research at Yale University, and in July 2018 I was a Visiting Doctoral Fellow of the Humboldt Project at the University of Leipzig. Before starting the DPhil I completed the MSt in Ancient Philosophy here at Oxford, and prior to that, a BA in Philosophy at the University of Helsinki—my home town.


I am listed on the faculty Graduate Teaching Register as able to give tutorials and revision classes on the following courses:

  • 101 Early Modern Philosophy
  • 103 Ethics
  • 104 Philosophy of Mind
  • 115/130 Plato's Republic (in translation and Greek)
  • 116/132 Aristotle's Nicomachean Ethics (in translation and Greek)
  • 133 Aristotle's Physics

For a full listing of classes I've taught, syllabi, and teaching aides, please see the Teaching section on my personal webpage.

  • "Davidson on Aristotle and Philosophy of Action". Forthcoming in ACTA PHILOSOPHICA FENNICA, edited by J. Kuorikosi & T. Toppinen, 2019.
  • "A Review of C.M.M. Olfert's Aristotle on Practical Truth (OUP, 2017)". Forthcoming in Ancient Philosophy Today: DIALOGOI, 2019.