Daniel Isaacson

Daniel Isaacson
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2013 - present Emeritus University Lecturer in the Philosophy of Mathematics, Oxford
2013 - present Emeritus Fellow of Wolfson College, Oxford
1975 - 2013 University Lecturer in the Philosophy of Mathematics, Oxford
1977 - 2013 Governing Body Fellow of Wolfson College, Oxford
1989 Visiting Professor of Philosophy, University of California, Berkeley
1974 - 1977 Junior Research Fellow in Philosophy, St. John's College, Oxford
1971 - 1973 Research Associate in Philosophy, The Rockefeller University, New York
1969 - 1971  Lecturer in Philosophy, University of Washington, Seattle



1974 Oxford University, DPhil in Philosophy (thesis: On Some Aspects of the Concept of Truth)
1967 Harvard University, A.B. in Mathematics (thesis: A Constructive Solution of Hilbert's 17th Problem by Use of the Fundamental Theorem of Herbrand)
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