Christopher Frugé

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Before joining St John's in October 2023, I was a Departmental Lecturer in the Faculty of Philosophy and Hertford College. I received my PhD from Rutgers University in May 2023. 


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Aggregating Personal Value. Oxford Studies in Metaethics 19. Forthcoming. (
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I'm interested in how we can create genuinely new aspects of reality, with an eye toward implications for value and death. I’m developing a subjectivist account of wellbeing that treats personal value as a genuinely real artefact, where this allows us to create value for ourselves that persists posthumously. I aim to eventually expand this artifactual approach to an account of self-regarding and other-regarding reasons. As a framework for this conception of normativity, I am developing a metaphysics of dependence and properties that can capture how we can create both concrete and abstract artefacts, including normative ones. 

I teach in many areas of philosophy, including metaethics, metaphysics, ethics, social philosophy, logic, and early modern.