Caspar Jacobs

casper jacobs
2022-2025 Junior Research Fellow, Merton College
2021-2022 Postdoctoral Associate, University of Pittsburgh 
2019-2022 DPhil in Philosophy, Magdalen College
2017-2019 BPhil Philosophy, Exeter College
2013-2017 MPhysPhil Physics and Philosophy, Exeter College
2022 'Invariance, Intrinsicality, and Perspicuity', Synthese. 
2021 'Invariance or Equivalence: A Tale of Two Principles', Synthese. 
2021 'The Coalescence Approach to Inequivalent Representation: Pre-QM∞ Parallels', British Journal for the Philosophy of Science.
2020 'Du Châtelet: Idealist about extension, bodies and space', Studies in the History and Philosophy of Science Part A.                   

I am a philosopher of physics interested in the interpretation of symmetries, the metaphysics of quantities and the use of dimensions, units and constants in physics, amongst other topics. I have also published papers on the philosophy of quantum field theory, and the work of the Early Modern women philosopher Émilie du Châtelet. I am currently working on two related projects on the intersection of metaphysics and philosophy of physics.