Ben Page

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2021 - Present Stipendiary Lecturer in Philosophy, Oriel College, University of Oxford.
2020 - Present Stipendiary Lecturer (Career Development) in Philosophy, Pembroke College, University of Oxford.
2018 - 2020 Part-time Philosophy Tutor, Durham University.
2017 - 2019 PhD Philosophy, Durham University (University College). ‘Applications of a Neo-Aristotelian metaphysics of powers in the domain of Philosophy of Religion’.
2015 - 2017 MPhil Philosophical Theology, University of Oxford (St Catherine's College). ‘God and the Metaphysics of Creaturely Moral Action’.
2012 - 2015 BA Philosophy and Theology (First Class), University of Oxford (Harris Manchester College).


Forthcoming ‘Libertarian Freedom in an Eternalist World’, in C. Austin, A. Marmodoro, A. Roselli, eds., Free Will and the Laws of Nature. Springer.
2021 'Power-ing up Neo-Aristotelian Natural Goodness', Philosophical Studies 178:3755-3775.  
2021 ‘Inaugurated Hyperspace', Theologica 5:5-27.
2020 ‘Arguing to Theism from Consciousness’, Faith and Philosophy 37:336-362.
2020 ‘If anyone is in Christ – new creation!’, Religious Studies 56:525-541.
2020 ‘Meeting the Evil God challenge’ (co-authored with Max Baker-Hytch), Pacific Philosophical Quarterly 101:489-514.
2019 ‘Wherein lies the debate? – Concerning whether God is a person’, International Journal for Philosophy of Religion 85:297-317.
2018 ‘Fine-Tuned of Necessity?’, Res Philosophica 95:65-94.
2018 ‘Dis-Positioning Euthyphro’, International Journal for Philosophy of Religion 84:31-55.
2017 ‘Thomas Aquinas, “the Greatest Advocate of Dispositional Modality”, Fact or Fiction?’, Studia Neoaristotelica 14:167-188.
2017 ‘The ‘Power’-ful Trinity’,  European Journal for Philosophy of Religion 9:87-112.
2016 ‘Aquinas on Forms, Substances and Artifacts’  (co-authored with Anna Marmodoro), Vivarium 54:1-21.
2015 ‘The Dispositionalist Deity: How God Creates Laws And Why Theists  Should Care’, Zygon: Journal of Science and Religion 50:113-137.




I am a philosopher with wide research interests, and as such have worked and I am working on a number of different areas in philosophy. However, I have particular interests as to how philosophy of religion interacts with and incorporates other areas of philosophy within its reasoning. I also have strong interests in Neo-Aristotelian approaches to metaphysics, particularly the metaphysics of dispositions/powers, and how this metaphysics can inform other areas of philosophy.

I have taught various undergraduate papers for Pembroke, Oriel, and other Oxford colleges, such as: Knowledge and Reality, Philosophy of Religion, Ethics, Aristotle's Nicomachean Ethics (in translation), Practical Ethics, Early Modern Philosophy, Plato's Republic (in translation), Moral Philosophy, General Philosophy, and Philosophy of Science (supplementary subject).