Alexander Geddes

alexander geddes
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I am currently Departmental Lecturer in Philosophy of Mind at the Faculty of Philosophy and St. Hilda's College, Oxford. I have previously held positions at Exeter College, Oxford; on the BUMP (Better Understanding the Metaphysics of Pregnancy) project at King's College London and Southampton; at the Centre for Philosophical Psychology, Antwerp; and at The Queen's College, Oxford. I received my PhD in Philosophy from University College London, a BPhil in Philosophy from Oriel College, Oxford, and a BA in Philosophy from King's College London.


Resolving a Puzzle about the Fixity of the Past. Forthcoming. Analysis.
Resolving the Puzzle of the Changing Past. Forthcoming. Inquiry.
Pregnancy, Parthood and Proper Overlap: A Critique of Kingma. 2023. The Philosophical Quarterly.
Conscious Experience: What's In It For Me? (w/ Léa Salje.) 2023. In García-Carpintero & Guillot (eds.), Self-Experience: Essays on Inner Awareness, OUP.
Judgements about Thought Experiments. 2018. Mind.


My primary research project examines the connections between the nature of human beings and the nature of the human mind. But my interests are wide-ranging, and encompass various issues at the intersections of Metaphysics, Philosophy of Mind, Philosophy of Biology, Metaphilosophy, Epistemology and Philosophy of Language.

For Prelims, I teach Introduction to Logic and General Philosophy. For Finals, I currently offer tutorials in Philosophy of Mind, Knowledge & Reality, Philosophy of Cognitive Science and Philosophy of Logic & Language. This year, I will also be providing undergraduate lectures in Philosophy of Mind, and teaching a graduate class on Self and Mind.