Metaphysics Work-in-Progress Group (Tuesday - Week 8, TT22)

metaphysics work in progress group

Lara Scheibli will lead discussion of “Categorical Injustice” by Ásta ( Pre-reading is not necessary and Lara will give a presentation of the paper’s main points.

The abstract for the paper is as follows: “Some of the most exciting research in philosophy in the last couple of decades has been work at the intersection of theoretical and practical philosophy from a feminist perspective. The work I present here is in that vein, as it lies at the intersection of metaphysics, feminist philosophy, and social philosophy. In my recent Categories We Live By (Ásta 2018), I presented an account of the construction of social categories of individuals. These include sexes, genders, and races, but also any other category defined by a social property, such as refugees and single mothers. In this essay, I will address a specific way in which such social construction can involve an injustice that is distinctly metaphysical. I name this sort of injustice “categorical injustice” and it occurs when agents are systematically thwarted in their attempts at performing actions by how they are socially constructed.”

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Metaphysics Work-in-Progress convenors: Alex Kaiserman and Nick Jones