Metaphysics of Consciousness Seminar (Monday - Week 8, HT21)

metaphysics of consciousness

The Significance Argument (SA) for the irreducibility of consciousness is based on a series of new puzzle-cases that I call “multiple candidate cases”. In these cases, there is a multiplicity of physical-functional properties or relations that are candidates to be identified with the sensible qualities and our consciousness of them, where those candidates are not significantly different. I will argue that these cases show that reductive materialists cannot accommodate the various ways in which consciousness is significant. I also will argue that a nonreductive theory of the conscious-of relation can easily provide a very satisfying, unified explanation of the ways in which this relation is significant.

There is also a paper for those who want to pre-read, which can be found here.  


This is a visiting speaker seminar that will be hosted online via Zoom. All of those wishing to attend should email one of the convenors below in order to register attendance. 

Metaphysics of Consciousness Seminar convenors:  Alex Moran and Umut Baysan | Seminar Series Website