Stella Villarmea

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Career University Distinguished Professor of Philosophy, Complutense University of Madrid.


Marie S. Curie Fellow, University of Oxford.


Professor (Full) of Philosophy, Universidad de Alcalá.


Associate Professor in Philosophy, Universidad de Alcalá.


Adjunct Professor in Philosophy, Universidad de Alcalá.


Adjunct Professor in Philosophy, Saint Louis University.


Education Doctor of Philosophy, Universidad Complutense de Madrid.


PhD Thesis, ‘Scepticism in Analytic Epistemology’, with Distinction Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy, Universidad Complutense de Madrid.

1992-93 Graduate Exchange Student, University of Notre Dame, 1993-4 Graduate Exchange Student, University of California at Santa Barbara.



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2005 "Good, Freedom, and Happiness: A Kantian Approach to Autonomy and Cooperation", in E. de Sotelo (ed.): New Women of Spain: Social Political Studies of Feminist Thought. Münster, Lit Verlag, 244-256.


Areas of specialisation: Epistemology and Feminist Philosophy Fields of research: Philosophy of Birth I work in epistemology, philosophy of feminism, and metaphilosophy. I am interested on the philosophy of birth, i.e., how our notions of childbirth reflect our view of the human being. I have published on Wittgenstein and scepticism, Kant and Levinas, and feminist standpoint. I am interested in the moral and political justification of our beliefs, the relationship between knowledge and emancipatory action, and conceptual innovation.


Course Convenor, Option Tutor, and Dissertation Supervisor, Option course entitled “The Philosophy of Birth”, MSt in Women's, Gender, and Sexuality Studies, 2020/21, 2021/22.
Tutor, Special Subject, Feminism and Philosophy, PHIL_BA, 2019/20.