Stella Villarmea

Stella Villarmea

Posts held

2018 - present

Marie S. Curie Fellow, Faculty of Philosophy, Oxford.

2017 - present

Full Professor of Philosophy, University of Alcalá, Madrid.

1998 - 2017

Adjunct and Associate Professor, Universidad de Alcalá, Madrid.

1997 - 2000

Adjunct Professor, Saint Louis University, Madrid.


Ph.D. in Philosophy, Universidad Complutense, Madrid


Funded research projects- Principal Investigator

‘Controversies in Childbirth: from Epistemology to Practices’ (VOICEs), Marie S. Curie Fellowship, European Research Commission, Marie Skłodowska-Curie actions call H2020-MSCA-IF-2016. University of Oxford, Faculty of Philosophy / Center for Values-based Medical Practice at St Catherine’s, 1 September 2018 – 31 August 2020.

‘Philosophy of Birth: Rethinking the Origin from Medical Humanities’ (FFI2016-77755-R), Programme for Research, Development and Innovation, Ministry of Economy in Spain, 4 main co-investigators, 2016-19.


Institutional responsibilities

Member of the Steering Committee of The International Federation of Philosophical Associations (FISP), from 2018.

Speaker of The International Association of Women Philosophers (IAPH), 2014-2018.

Board member and Treasurer of Red española de Filosofía [The Spanish Network of Philosophy] (REF), from 2015.

Elected member of the University Council, Universidad de Alcalá, 2015-2018.

Co-ordinator of the Degree of Humanities, Universidad de Alcalá, 2013-2018.

Co-ordinator of the International Mobility Programmes, Degree of Humanities, Universidad de Alcalá, 2010-2013.

Co-ordinator of the Area of Philosophy, Universidad de Alcalá, 2017-2018.

Books - Monographs

Philosophy of Birth [in Spanish] (Madrid, Síntesis, forthcoming).

Scepticism in Analytic Epistemology [in Spanish] (Madrid, Universidad Complutense de Madrid, 2003).

The Directions of the Moral Glance [in Spanish] (Madrid, Universidad de Alcalá, 2003, co-authored with Óscar González Castán).


Books and Journals– Edited Volumes and Issues

C. Pereda, Learning Exiles (Amsterdam, Brill Publishers forthcoming).

Ch. Padron, The Life of Reason in an Age of Terrorism: Contemporary Views (Amsterdam, Brill Publishers, forthcoming).

‘When Subjects Get Pregnant: Philosophy and Motherhoods’ [in Spanish], Dilemata, International Journal of Applied Ethics, Special Issue, 7, 18, 2015, co-edited with Ester Massó.

M. Candelaria, The Revolt of Unreason. Miguel de Unamuno and Antonio Caso on the Crisis of Modernity (Amsterdam, Editions Rodopi, 2012).


Articles in peer-reviewed journals

‘Mother’s Guilt’ [in Spanish], Dilemata International Journal of Applied Ethics, 25, 2017, co-authored with Ibone Olza and Dolores Ruiz.

‘Birth is Ours: The Impact of a User’s Association on Obstetric System Reform in Spain’ [in Spanish], Dilemata, 18, 2015, 157-183, co-authored with Ibone Olza and Adela Recio.

‘Status of Women in Teaching and Research in Philosophy’ [in Spanish] Tehura 8, 2015, 47-70, 2015, co-authored with Concha Roldán and Esperanza Guillén.

‘Conceptual Change and Emancipatory Practices: Approach from Wittgenstein’s On Certainty’, Annales UMCS, 1/2013, 7-24.

Conceptual Innovation and Birth Activism’ [in Spanish], Revista Ob Stare, 20, 2012, 11-17.

‘Fully Entitled Subjects: Birth as a Philosophical Topic’, co-authored with Francisca Fernández, Ontology Studies, 11/2011, 211-230.

‘Another Turn on the Screw: Scepticism and Propositional Analysis’, Wittgenstein-Studien, 1/2010, 221-242, New York, W. de Gruyter.

‘Conceptual Innovation and Epistemic Theory of Meaning’ [in Spanish], Ágora, 25/1, 2006, 59-81.

‘The Provocation of E. Levinas for Feminism’, The European Journal of Women’s Studies, 6, 3, 1999, 291-304.


Chapters in books

‘Razón and Uterus: the Enlightenment debate and Contemporary Obstetrics’ [in Spanish], in Carlos Barroso (ed.), Mujer, salud y cerebro, Madrid, Síntesis, forthcoming.

‘On Religion as a Form of Life Inmune to Rational Critique’ [in Spanish], in J. J. García Norro (ed.), Title to be determined, forthcoming.

 ‘Only Those who Live, Truly Die’ [in Spanish], in L. Branciforte (ed.), Reading Rocío Orsi, Madrid, Rapsoda, 2018.

‘Reason and Uterus: G. Casanova’s Surprising Intervention in a Secular Topic’ [in Spanish], in A. Campillo and D. Manzanero (eds.), The Frontiers of Humankind, Zaragoza, Universidad de Zaragoza, 2017.

‘Birth is Ours’ [in Spanish], in D. Rodríguez (ed.), Between Life and Death, México, Plaza Valdés, 2016, 59-84, co-authored with Ibone Olza and Adela Recio.

‘On Obstetrical Controversies’, in J. Perona (ed.), Normativity and Praxis, Milano, Mimesis, 2015, 157-188, co-authored with Ibone Olza and Adela Recio.

‘Controversies and Conceptual Innovation’ [in Spanish], in A. Campillo and D. Manzanero (eds.), Twentieth Century Challenges in Philosophy, Valencia, PUV, 2015, 23-36.

‘Normativity and Praxis in Emancipatory Use of Language’ [in Spanish], in D. Pérez and J. Mayoral (eds.), Wittgenstein and On Certainty, México, Plaza y Valdés, 2015.

‘Epistemology in Situation’ [in Spanish], in L. Branciforte (ed.), The Guillotine of Power, Madrid, Plaza y Valdés, 2015, 223-241, co-authored with Nuria Guilló.

‘Fully Entitled Subjects: Childbirth as topic’ [in Spanish], in E. Pérez (ed.), Bodies and Differences, México, Plaza y Valdés, 2012, 103-127, co-authored with Francisca Fernández.

‘Rethinking the Origin: Birth and Human value’, in J. Yan and D. Schrader (eds.), Creating a Global Dialogue on Value Inquiry, New York, Edwin Mellen, 2009, 311-329.

‘Sense and Knowledge in Wittgenstein’ [in Spanish], in L. Fernández (ed.), Reading Wittgenstein, Madrid, Biblioteca Nueva, 2008, 133-154.

‘So You Think you Can Tell Sense from Nonsense, Real Doubts from Sceptical Games, in T. Rønnow (ed.), Homage à Wlodek Rabinowicz, Lund University Press. 2006.

‘Whose Language? Wittgenstein, Sense and Gender’ [in Spanish], in J. Muñoz and Á. Faerna (eds.), Paths in Hermeneutics, Madrid, Biblioteca Nueva, 2006, 299-316.

‘Hermeneutic and Epistemic Premises of Emancipation’ [in Spanish], in R. Salazar (ed.), Emancipatory Paradigms, Buenos Aires, Aleph,2006, 17-49.

‘Good, Freedom and Happiness: A Kantian Approach’, in E. Sotelo (ed.), New Women of Spain:  Studies of Feminist Thought, Münster, Lit, 2005, 244-256.

‘Understanding and Humanities in Wittgenstein’ [in Spanish], in Á. Álvarez (ed.) Paideia, Universidad de Santiago de Compostela, 2005.

‘Scepticism’ [in Spanish], in J. Muñoz and J. Velarde (eds.), Dictionary of Epistemology, Madrid, Trotta, 2000, 226-229.

‘Common Sense as Justification’ [in Spanish], in L. Arenas (ed.), The Challenge of Relativism’, Madrid, Trotta, 1997, 71-89.

‘G. E. Moore and the Justification of Daily Beliefs’ [in Spanish], in A. Serrano (ed.), The possibility of phenomenology, Madrid, Universidad Complutense de Madrid, 1997, 247-258.

  • Epistemology
  • Wittgenstein
  • Feminist Philosophy 
  • Social Philosophy/Social Epistemology
  • Philosophy of Birth