Paul Skokowski

skokowski oxon photo




PhD in Philosophy, Stanford University

BA, Physics and Philosophy, Oxford University


Previous Employment:


Professor of Surfing/Search Producer, Yahoo! Inc.

McDonnell-Pew Fellow, Oxford University

Visiting Professor, Philosophy, University of California Berkeley  

Director, Institute for Scientific Computing Research, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory

Research Physicist, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory

Information and Mind: Essays in Honor of Fred Dretske – edited with an introduction, CSLI Press, expected publication 2019.


‘Three Dogmas of Internalism’, in Paul Skokowski ed., Information and Mind: Essays in Honor of Fred Dretske, CSLI Press, expected publication 2019.


‘Introspection and Superposition’, in  J. Acacio de Barros and C. Montemayor ed., Quanta and Mind: Essays on the Connection between Quantum Mechanics and Consciousness, Springer: Synthese Library, in press.


Skokowski, P., ‘Temperature, Color and the Brain: An Externalist Reply to the Knowledge Argument’, Review of Philosophy and Psychology, 9(2), 287-299, 2018.


Skokowski, P., ‘One Philosopher is Correct (Maybe)’, Australasian Journal of Logic, 9(1), 2010.


‘Is the Pain in Jane Felt Mainly in her Brain?’, Harvard Review of Philosophy, Vol 15, 2007.


‘Structural Content: A Naturalistic Approach to Implicit Belief’, Philosophy of Science, 71(3), 2004.