Paul Skokowski

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Executive Director, Center for the Explanation of Consciousness, Stanford University (current)
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Professor of Surfing/Search Producer, Yahoo! Inc.
McDonnell-Pew Fellow, Oxford University

Visiting Professor, Philosophy, University of California Berkeley  

Director, Institute for Scientific Computing Research, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
Research Physicist (laser fusion and high density plasmas), Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
Computational Physicist, Los Alamos National Laboratory



PhD in Philosophy, Stanford University

BA, Physics and Philosophy, Oxford University



Information and Mind, Stanford: CSLI Publications.  

skokowski information and mind

Recent Papers

Time, Experience and Belief, Timing and Time Perception, 2024. (in press) 
Swampman and Spacetime, Southwest Philosophical Studies, 45, 2023. (in press)  
Constraining Meanings With Contextuality, Foundations of Science, 2022. 
Sensing Qualia, Frontiers in Systems Neuroscience, 2022. 16:795405. doi: 10.3389/fnsys.2022.795405
Observing a Superposition, Synthese, 2021. 

The Nature of Belief in No-Collapse Everett Interpretations, in Gao, S. (ed.), Consciousness and Quantum Mechanics, Oxford University Press, 2022. 

The Philosophy of Westworld, in Vernallis, C., Kara, S., Leal, J., and Rogers, H. (eds.), Cybermedia: New Approaches to Sound, Music and Media, Bloomsbury, 2021.
Three Dogmas of Internalism, in Skokowski, P. (ed.), Information and Mind, Stanford, CA: CSLI Press, 2020. 
Introspection and Superposition, in de Barros, J.A. and Montemayor, C. (eds.), Quanta and Mind, Springer, 2019. 
Temperature, Color and the Brain: An Externalist Reply to the Knowledge Argument, Review of Philosophy and Psychology, 9(2), 2018.