Natalie Gold

natalie gold

Natalie Gold is a Senior Research Fellow in the Oxford Philosophy Faculty. She studied Philosophy, Politics, and Economics, and has an M.Phil and a D.Phil from Oxford. After postdoctoral fellowships at the University of Konstanz and Duke University, she was appointed as Lecturer in Mind, Reason, and Decision in the Philosophy Department at the University of Edinburgh. Prior to coming to Oxford, she was Senior Research Fellow at King’s College London, where she was PI on the project “Self-Control and the Person: An Inter-Disciplinary Account”, funded by the European Research Council. Since 2015 Natalie has also been an Associate at the Political Economy of Financial Markets programme (PEFM), St. Anthony’s College, Oxford.

Natalie investigates individual and collective decision making using methods from a variety of disciplines including philosophy, economics, and psychology. She has published on topics including teamwork, moral judgements and decisions, cooperation and coordination, framing, self-control, trust, and behavioural public policy. Her interests span theoretical research and its application to areas such as medicine and finance.