Marco Ferrante

marco ferrante

PhD in Asian and African Civilisations, Sapienza University of Rome (2013)

Berggruen Fellow in Comparative Philosophy, University of Oxford (2018-2020)

Post-doc Researcher at the Austrian Academy of Sciences, Vienna (2013-2018)

Fixed-term Lecturer at the University of Vienna (2017-2018)

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“Studies on Bhartṛhari and the Pratyabhijñā: the case of svasaṃvedana”. Proceedings of the Conference of the Society for the Tantric Studies. Religions 2017 8, 145; DOI: 10.3390/rel8080145 

“Bhartṛhari and verbal testimony. A hyper-antireductionist approach?” in D. Cuneo–E. Freschi–C. Formigatti (eds.). Not Far Afield: Asian Perspectives on Sexuality, Testimony and Print Culture. A Coffee Break Project. Kervan 21: 227-246, 2017.

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“Vṛṣabhadeva’s Sphuṭākṣarā on Bhartṛhari’s metaphysics: commentarial strategy and new interpretations”. Journal of Indian Philosophy 41.2: 133-149. DOI:, 2013.

History of South Asian Philosophy, Epistemology, Metaphysics, Philosophy of language